Terms & Rules

General Rules

Planet Neo's 5 Basic Rules: the five rules for engaging with our community and team members online, in public and in private.
Our amazing community is still growing and we want to do everything to make it more diverse, inclusive and welcoming to new members. It is essential that all our members look forward to a safe and positive experience when they interact with our team and with each other on our platforms (e.g. Discord, Telegram, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, etc.).
By joining our Planet Neo's community, every member agrees to abide by our 5 General Rules when engaging in conversations and exchanges.

Rule 1: Respectful Behaviour

Be respectful to our community members, our guests and team members. Here's what it means to be respectful at Planet Neo:
  • No hate speech (e.g. no insulting jokes targeting disability, gender, race, religion or sexual orientation)
  • No harassment (e.g. no tagging, doxxing or otherwise referring to a member who does not wish to be engaged or addressed).
  • No inappropriate language (e.g. no racial slurs, no obscene swearing, no sexualised language)
In addition, members should refrain from trolling, catfishing and ridicule. Even when the original intention is humour, these behaviours can quickly cause harm to their target.
To report violations of this rule or suggest changes, submit a '🙋┊support-ticket' on Discord or use our Support Request Form: https://airtable.com/shr5F556UsHfj3iQx

Rule 2: Prohibited Content

To keep our community spaces welcoming and safe for all our members, the following content must NOT be posted, DMed, linked, shared or knowingly lead to:
  • No graphic content that is violent, obscene or pornographic.
  • No graphic material depicting, suggesting or encouraging self-harm or suicide, violence or cruelty against other living creatures.
  • No links to any of the above or any material that is known to be Not-Safe-for-Work (NSFW). material.
  • No material that is illegal under international laws or that has been illegally obtained (e.g. pirated content or content obtained without the consent of its legal owner or under an appropriate licence).
  • No material that you are not allowed to distribute or make public (e.g. private, unpublished documents, arts or images), whether or not is it explicitly prohibited by law.
In addition, members should refrain from using their avatar pictures, handles or bios to exhibit prohibited content or lead to material that is explicitly prohibited.

Rule 3: Appropriate Channels

Whenever allowed by the platforms, Planet Neo will create separate spaces to host discussions and content on various topics. Each channel will have a purpose or theme. Members must:
  • Only use a channel for its intended and stated purpose. Keep the conversion on-topic.
  • Only use public channels to discuss issues that are in the public sphere.
  • Only share appropriate media in the appropriate channels (e.g. voice chat, etc).
In other words:
  • No spamming
  • No cross-posting
  • No dumping (fast and very frequent posting)
  • No polluting (persistent negative contributions to otherwise positive conversations)
We are creating more spaces and channels to welcome a range of voices and material on all sorts of topics of interest for our community. We are even creating safe spaces and channels to complain, vent and hopefully help make our company better.
If you need more information about each channel, check the channel description and pinned messages.
PS: Making extremely loud noises and using soundboards in Voice Chat is prohibited.

Rule 4: Promotion & Advertising

While we want to be a place where our members can grow and achieve their dreams, inappropriate self-promotion and advertising will not be tolerated. The following behaviours, in particular, are prohibited:
  • Unsolicited links to personal or professional services apps or websites
  • Unsolicited and random posts about unrelated personal or professional services, or projects.
  • Hijacking conversations to direct traffic or attention to unrelated projects, collections or services.
  • Starting and driving conversations about unrelated projects, collections, apps or services.
  • No advertisements or any kind or form.
Unless you are an advertising partner, all kinds of self-promotion links and posts are prohibited in all channels with the exception of '🔥┊shill-zone' , on Discord.
We love to hear about our members' personal projects, hobbies and ambitions. We are creating special channels where members are encouraged to share and discuss their own projects, in an appropriate manner, of course.

Rule 5 : Threats and Attacks

Threats to other users will not be tolerated. Plots or conspiracies to threaten or attack any person, company or infrastructure will be taken very seriously, including but not limited to:
  • DDoS attacks, cyberwarfare or cyber disruption operations
  • Death threats and threats of physical harm
  • Doxxing, hacking or distributing a target's private information, photos or property
  • Malicious attacks, swating and other psychological attacks
Any such threats to persons, companies or infrastructure will be taken very seriously. We will refer those to appropriate law enforcement authorities.